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Current  Projects

West End United Methodist Church
Nashville, Tennessee

Brugmansia Ministries has partnered with West End United Methodist Church (WEUMC) in Nashville Tennessee to help WEUMC evaluate their energy usage of their historic building, develop a financial strategy to both fund work around climate resiliency and climate change and provide additional funds for direct outreach, and make tangible suggestions for how WEUMC can become more energy efficient while becoming resilient to climate change.

The full proposal can be found here.


Episcopal Church of the Redeemer
Mobile, Alabama

The Episcopal Church of the Redeemer is one of Brugmansia's pilot congregations working with Brugmansia to do an in depth resilience evaluation/engagement to see how a religious organization can transform its ministries to become more resilient and proactive in addressing the needs of its larger community.

Episcopal Church of the Redeemer_AL.webp

United Methodist Church of Kent
Kent, Ohio

Brugmansia Ministries is partnering with the United Methodist Church of Kent to help UMC of Kent prepare for climate change and climate migration through resilience building practices. In September-October, Brugmansia will be doing a 4 session series that covers emotional/spiritual preparation to manage climate change, climate change projections for Kent Ohio, a community visioning session for the UMC of Kent to develop tangible solutions to address climate change and migration, and a community blessing. 

The community resilience summary can be found here.


Upcoming: Parkway United Church of Christ
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Brugmanisa is excited to have Parkway United Church of Christ (UCC) as another intensive pilot congregation preparing for climate change through resilience building practices. Our work with Parkway UCC will begin early in 2022.


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