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What We Do

Community Driven Development

For Brugmansia, we believe that the best, longest lasting, and most impactful solutions to address social challenges are community driven. It is our goal to help you foster an environment where the existing potential inherent within of your community brings about transformational social change for the betterment of the environment and the world. It is our profound understanding that humanity’s greatest assets toward addressing climate change and climate-driven migration are not technological, but relational. And through community building and trusting relationships, we can uncover tangible, practical, and creative solutions to the challenges presented by climate change and climate migration.

Liberative Education

Brugmansia Ministries partners with your community to provide individualized education around how climate change and climate migration will impact your community with your existing infrastructure. We work with you to provide workshops, written communication, or open discussions to help foster community awareness around the challenges associated with climate change and climate migration. We also offer preaching support around the moral and spiritual responsibilities associated with climate change and climate migration.


Brugmansia Ministries helps your community move beyond understanding the challenges of climate change and climate migration to actively working to address these challenges by building resilience. Through Asset-Based Community Development facilitation, we help your community identify the best ways for your community to work toward climate and migration justice.


Brugmansia Ministries acts as a connection point for different congregations working on climate change and migration to share ideas, needs, and resources to increase the overall resilience of our society to environmental shocks. We are also building a network of religious organizations that are prepared and ready to accept climate migrants when migration events occur.

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