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Brugmansia Ministries?


Brugmansia is a genus of flowering plants that are commonly called Angel’s Trumpets. Our name, Brugmansia Ministries, references our organization's focus on combining scientific and religious knowledge to call forth a new vision for how religious communities can more justly serve in a world dominated by climate change and climate-induced migration. 

As scientists, engineers, scholars, and religious leaders, we understand lasting and positive changes to address climate challenges must include foundational cultural and worldview shifts in addition to changes in infrastructure and resource usage. Simply, there is no way to address the enormous challenges associated with climate change and climate-induced migration without changing how we see the world and each other. This includes changing how we understand the questions and solutions to the interconnected challenges of climate change. And, most importantly, it means believing that a new and different vision for the world is possible where humans are living in balance with their environments. It is past time that we call forth a new vision to address the challenges of climate change that sees justice through a lens of intersectionality, inclusivity, and through a systems perspective which incorporates a cradle to grave understanding of consumption and resource extraction. Brugmansia Ministries was founded to bring that much needed vision to the already important work of faith communities.


Brugmansia Ministries’ mission is to address climate change and climate migration through the building of physical, relational, and spiritual infrastructure within faith communities to increase the resilience and adaptive capacity of those communities to proactively address climate-driven environmental and human disasters.



Faith communities prepared and empowered to serve individuals and groups suffering from environmental disasters or forced into climate-related migration.

Who We Are

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