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Addressing Climate Change and Climate Migration

Resiliency as Ministry


Brugmansia partners with organizations in three major areas around climate change and migration: education, preparation, and connection. Click below to read more about how Brugmansia can assist your organization prepare for climate change and migration.


We believe that justice-centered and equitable solutions to climate change and climate migration must be addressed from a truly holistic standpoint: physically, spiritually, emotionally, communally, and with a focus on breaking the systems of oppression that maintain a society which exploits the natural world and marginalizes specific groups of humans. 



Brugmansia is currently working across the United States to help faith communities prepare for climate change. Check out a few of our projects.


Brugmansia Ministries is a 501c3 interfaith nonprofit organization composed of scientists, engineers, and civic and religious leaders committed to helping prepare communities and religious organizations for climate change and climate migration through resilience building practices and adaptive infrastructure. 

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